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Healthcare Strategy Practice

Since joining Michael Allen Company in 2011, Grant has specialized in claims data analytics and patient flow modeling to inform projects related to market sizing, market structure, and forecasting. He is capable of distilling insights from large and disparate data sources, and leverages a strong quantitative skillset to make data-driven decisions to inform key business questions.

Grant has worked with many of the leading healthcare claims and EMR datasets during his tenure at MAC, and has developed a robust knowledge of each one’s intricacies. He has leveraged these datasets to size patient populations of interest, uncover epidemiological insights, quantify market dynamics, map patient journeys, and inform forecasts for current and pipeline products.

Grant has also excelled in building custom forecasting tools which utilize the results derived from his claims data work. Using Microsoft Excel and VBA, he strives to produce intuitive user interfaces which allow clients to easily understand and work with the data at hand.

Grant is well-versed in designing primary research studies to supplement claims data sources and fill information gaps in his forecasting models. Additionally, he is avid about using clean design and insightful data visualizations to communicate results and findings.

Grant has worked across multiple therapeutic areas, including Oncology (Prostate, Multiple Myeloma, CLL, NHL, CML, RCC), HCV, HBV,
HIV, Heart Failure, Immunology, Diabetes, and Influenza.

Grant holds a Master’s in Biomedical Engineering and a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University.