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   Brandon Milholland, Ph.D. Writes Article for The Wall Street Journal

Want to live forever? Unfortunately, the chances of achieving such a feat—or even surviving past 125—are quite slim, Brandon Milholland argues in a recent issue of The Wall Street Journal.  Appearing in the June 25 edition of the international newspaper, the article is one of a pair of opinion pieces debating the existence of a limit to human lifespan.  While the opposing editorial posits human lifespan may continue to increase, Brandon’s article, drawing on his own academic research and that of others, points to a longstanding stagnation in longevity records and the difficulty of effectively modulating the aging process as evidence for constraints to human lifespan.

Dr. Milholland has been an Associate with the firm since 2017.  Prior to joining Michael Allen Company, Brandon published multiple research articles investigating the biology of aging while pursuing his PhD in Genetics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  He also holds a BA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University.  Brandon’s academic training fits well with Michael Allen’s evidence-based consulting approach.  Since transitioning to consulting, Brandon has developed an expertise in the analysis of claims, sales and market data to evaluate and optimize marketing strategies across multiple therapeutic areas, including neurology, infectious disease (HCV and HIV), immunology and oncology.  Brandon strives to tackle complex questions and deliver clear, concise and actionable insights to clients.

Brandon can be reached at (203) 662-5133 or

   Michael Allen Company Opens Office at 275 Madison Avenue, NY, NY

To keep pace with firm growth, Michael Allen Company opened an office in Suite 2314 at 275 Madison Avenue, New York, NY  10016.  The building is an outstanding Art Deco office tower, two blocks south of Grand Central Terminal.  Constructed during New York City’s skyscraper boom of the 1920s and early 1930s, it received landmark status in 2009 by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission.  The midtown location is highly convenient to clients and our team, and approximately one hour south of our Darien, CT headquarters.  Fully integrated with our HQ office, this new workspace enables our team members to work from either of our locations without compromising the benefit of collaboration.

   Kevin Kirby Wins PMSA Lifetime Achievement Award

The Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA) selected Kevin Kirby to receive its most prestigious honor, the PMSA Lifetime Achievement Award, at the 2017 PMSA Annual Conference on April 25 in Orlando Florida.  The award recognizes thought leadership and contributions to pharmaceutical marketing science that enable the industry  make smarter decisions and ultimately improve health and well-being.

As noted on their website (, since joining Michael Allen Company in 2005, Kevin has led innovation in the areas of promotion response, sales force size and structure, managed care analytics, targeting, incentive compensation, and marketing mix optimization. His recent work includes optimizing for biosimilar launches, measuring and leveraging IDN control, and maximizing uptake of targeted therapies and companion diagnostic tests.

Previously, Kevin led the Marketing Science team at Genentech, providing independent analytics and strategic guidance for Sales and Marketing. There, he established analytics, tools, and techniques to support key product launches and drive sales optimization.

Kevin holds an M.S. in Operations Research and a B.S. in Statistics and Economics from North Carolina State University. He was President of PMSA in 2004 and helped usher in changes that continue to help the organization grow today. He served on the PMSA Board for six years. He has presented at the PMSA annual conference seven times and moderated panel discussions for the organization.

Kevin can be reached at (203) 662-5143 or

   Grant Tarsi Named as Partner

Michael Allen Company is pleased to announce that it has promoted Grant Tarsi to the role of Partner.

Since joining MAC in 2011, Grant has grown the firm’s analytic capabilities by becoming an expert in healthcare claims and EMR data. Intimate knowledge of the industry’s leading datasets has helped him guide numerous market sizing, patient journey, and forecasting engagements. Grant’s ability to distill insights from these large and disparate data sources allows him to provide data-driven recommendations for his clients’ key business questions.

Grant is also well-versed in designing primary research studies to fill information gaps and to supplement the claims data sources he typically works with. He has worked across many therapeutic areas, including Oncology (Prostate, Multiple Myeloma, CLL, NHL, CML, RCC), HCV, HBV, HIV, Heart Failure, Immunology, Diabetes, and Influenza. Grant is avid about communicating results and findings to his clients using insightful data visualizations, and always takes time to help advance the skillsets of his colleagues.

Grant can be reached at (203) 662-5125 or