Demand Forcast

With a strong understanding of the underlying market structure and patient flow, MAC provides accurate, dynamic demand forecasting models.  We work with pre-launch and in-line brands to help clients quantify demand by key patient pools which provides guidance for:

    • Go/No-Go decisions for acquisition/licensing deals
    • Prioritization and design of clinical trials
    • Risk management/scenario testing
    • Initial vs. peak demand forecasting for new products
    • Product positioning
    • Resource allocation


  What sets us apart?

  • Unlike static patient-based market models (PBMMs), our Dynamic Patient Flow Model focuses on “in-play” opportunities in the marketplace (initiations, switches, restarts, discontinuations) to better reflect the available opportunities for the brand.
  • We deliver our results in an easy-to-use modeling platform that allows users to run “what-if” scenarios by altering critical parameters.
  • Our consensus-building process facilitates agreement on key assumptions and improves risk assessment in our forecasts.
  • We integrate and cross-validate multiple sources of primary and secondary data leading to elimination of business “myths” and critical data gaps.