Managed Care Analytics

Understanding managed care influence is critical to pharmaceutical brand performance and key to good sales and marketing decision making.  Because managed care plays such a critical role, MAC has developed strong capabilities in managed care analytics.  These analytics generally support one of two different needs:

  • Optimizing Payer Strategy — Guiding managed care contract negotiations, and setting optimal rebates based on payer ability to control brand utilization
  • Optimizing Sales and Marketing Activities — Allocating resources with respect to managed care’s influence, e.g., sales calls, territory alignment, incentive compensation, samples, CoPay Cards, DTC activities, etc.

MAC’s managed care metrics serve as the foundation for these analytics, capturing two important aspects of managed care influence — favorability and control:

  • Managed Care Favorability Index (MCFI) — Indicates how favorable each plan/payer treats each brand in terms of coverage, tier, access restrictions, and copay relative to other related brands.
  • Managed Care Control Index (MCCI) — Indicates how much plans/payers dictate brand utilization given their formulary coverage


  What sets us apart?

  • Our extensive experience with different sources of formulary information (e.g., BusinessOne, Fingertip Formulary, IMS Formulary Focus, MediMedia, and Pinsonault) enables us to evaluate your data and needs and guide you objectively.
  • MAC has invested heavily in developing metrics to understand managed care’s true influence on brand performance.
  • We translate this understanding of managed care’s influence into practical findings and actionable recommendations.