Patient Data Analytics

MAC analyzes large datasets of real patient records, allowing brands to derive further value from anonymous patient level data (APLD).  We offer physician and patient level aggregation and projection, and create custom cohorts and metrics that allow you to answer your most pressing business questions.

  What sets us apart?

  • We have a staff of highly-skilled analytic personnel with advanced degrees from some of the world’s best institutions
  • Rather than use canned, “off-the-shelf” analytic routines, we customize analyses to best address your specific busines needs
  • MAC has invested in the latest hardware and software that give us the flexibility to build up analyses from large datasets of individual transaction-level data
  • We aggregate patient-level data to the individual physician level (e.g., switching, patient compliance, combination therapy use, dosing, etc.), so you can gain further insight into physician as well as patient behavior
  • We overcome the limitations of varying capture rates with advanced modeling techniques such as Bayesian analysis
  • We integrate multiple sources of prescriptions, diagnoses and procedures, including pharmacy claims data, medical office and hospital claims data, health plan information, and demographics
  • We derive physician-level metrics for use in forecasting, strategic market evaluation, primary research validation, physician segmentation, clinical claims development, messaging, and physician targeting