Intelligent Selection Algorithm utilizes a proprietary pattern recognition method of optimizing a brand’s Positioning and Messaging for physicians, patients, consumers and other targets.  This method permits the acceptance or rejection of extremely large numbers of communications variables combined in all possible permutations, resulting in the most “evolutionary preferred” Top Concepts.  With this method, marketers no longer have to make premature trade-off decisions before finalizing their go-to-market positioning.

  What sets us apart?

  • We use a comprehensive set of strategic platforms to make sure that all possible claims have been identified.
  • After conducting a thorough review of the literature as well as proprietary databases, we lead internal brainstorming sessions to make sure the team has articulated all the claims in the most interesting way possible for all the relevant strategic platforms.

  This allows us to:

  • Avoid the mass elimination of alternatives before quantitative testing.  You no longer need to make premature trade-off decisions before exposing ideas to your targets just to satisfy budget constaints.
  • Identify holistic Top Concepts that account for interactions among attributes and visuals that other methods such as Conjoint methods do not accommodate.