Promotion Response

MAC is a pharmaceutical industry leader in Promotion Response and Marketing Mix Optimization, with a variety of best-in-class tools and methodologies to help pharmaceutical companies maximize success:

Accuracy Arrow2 Traditional Experimentation  In-field tests, pilots, and “heavy-up” tests that measure impact of different promotional activities and levels ExecutionArrow2
Continuous Experimentation Non-disruptive, controlled field experiments which introduce relatively small changes, so they are easy to implement
Industry-leading algorithm that overcomes selection bias, targeting bias, regression-to-the-mean, and omitted variable bias
Retrospective Modeling Models of specific historical promotional activity with techniques that minimize undesired effects, such as “reverse causality”

  What sets us apart?

  • We tailor solutions optimized for the specific business need at hand, avoiding “black box” models
  • Our best-in-class tools and methodologies use techniques that are grounded in sound statistical theory
  • We have a strong focus on high quality analytics that deliver practical and highly-actionable results
  • We strive to provide the most accurate promotion response results possible with the highest degree of statistical confidence
  • We provide detail around how promotional activities work, so programs can be improved and resources allocated for the most impact
  • Our results are highly credible and trusted throughout the industry