Custom Research And Analysis

MAC provides primary market research and advanced analytics/modeling of secondary data, customized to your specific needs to support better business decisions.  We offer:

 Primary Research


Attitudinal surveys, brand perception and attribute analyses, perceptual maps, multi-wave tracking studies, discrete choice and conjoint studies, message testing, and patient chart studies, among others
 Secondary Data Analytics        Customized analysis of anonymous patient level data (APLD), patient charts, Rx data and managed care data

  What sets us apart?

  • We have a staff of highly-skilled analytic personnel with advanced degrees from some of the world’s best institutions
  • We have a strong focus on high-quality research design and analytics that deliver practical and actionable results
  • We rigorously pretest primary research surveys, screen out respondents with patterned answers, and carefully weight the data by geography, demographics, specialty, volume and other key characteristics
  • We integrate primary research with secondary data (e.g., TRx, APLD, census overlays)
  • We overcome the limitations of thin datasets with advanced modeling techniques
  • We derive physician-level metrics for use in forecasting, strategic market evaluation, primary research validation, physician segmentation, clinical claims development, messaging and physician targeting