Sales Force Size and Structure

MAC can help you determine the optimal size and structure of your sales force to maximize sales and profits.  Establishing the right size is vital so that sales are maximized without sacrificing profit.  Sales force structure is critical to the success of the sales organization, as a compromised structure can have a devastating effect due to inefficiencies and loss of motivation.

Our expertise includes:

  • Sales Force Sizing
  • Sales Force Structure
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Territory Alignment
  • Goaling and Incentive Compensation

  What sets us apart?

  • We employ marginal promotion response to determine the optimal size of a sales force.  More accurate measurement gives a better understanding of the profitability of making an extra call, and allows more informed assessments of whether the sales organization has too many or too few sales representatives.
  • We optimize sales force structure by first understanding the needs and responsiveness of each brand, and then integrating portfolio dynamics, considering the needs of the organization as a whole.