MAC’s customized physician and patient segmentation solutions provide a deep understanding of the attitudes and behaviors that drive treatment choices and product adoption, leading to more effective brand positioning, Clinical Claims development, messaging, and targeting / call planning strategy. We offer:

  • Domestic and international segmentation survey research design, field management and analysis
  • A variety of market segmentation methods (cluster, regression, CHAID, discrete choice, conjoint, evolutionary concept reactions, and a priori), in order to best align attitudes and behaviors that are linked to behavioral objectives
  • Customer segment portraits and typing tools, so insights can be turned into action


  What sets us apart?

  • We test and compare different market segment methodologies and segment solutions to balance insights and operational feasibility
  • We explore emotional, intangible benefits, in addition to tangible clinical attributes
  • We differentiate needs using underlying preferences and motivations rather than rely only on stated importance of product attributes, which can understate the true importance of emotional attributes or intangibles
  • We integrate primary research with secondary data (e.g., pharmaceutical TRx, APLD, census overlays)
  • We maximize ability to project customer segment membership to the universe
  • We take many quality control steps of pretesting, screening out patterned responders, normalizing attitude and brand rating responses and properly weighting the data
  • We use experienced consultants who understand every step of the process