MAC leads the industry in providing optimal targeting solutions for biotech/pharmaceutical’s most successful brands.  MAC has developed cutting-edge approaches that identify the best customers for promotional effort.  We have successfully targeted calls, samples, co-pay cards, speaker programs, and other promotional activities to improve sales performance for both in-line and launch brands.  We have been particularly successful at overcoming challenges that are difficult for traditional cookie-cutter approaches, for example, accounting for managed care influence.  In today’s business climate, where promotional dollars are hard to come by, it is critical to leverage the best targeting strategy possible to maximize sales impact.

  What sets us apart?

  • We have developed techniques to take advantage of often-overlooked targeting factors, including managed care control, adoption propensity, influence networks, branded propensity, true prescribing potential, geo-demographics, and APLD-derived factors such as persistence, combination therapy, and line of therapy.
  • We also utilize traditional metrics of brand and market prescribing, but combine them in an optimal manner, rather than the traditional deciling approach.
  • In addition to providing measures of absolute value, our physician targeting approach also provides optimal levels of promotional resources.