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Michael Allen Company is a privately held LLC, owned entirely by its Partners. There are six professional levels among the consulting staff including:  Research Associate – Programming Analyst, Consulting Associate, Consultant, Managing Consultant, Partner, and Senior Partner. Our organization is top heavy by design, with a senior to junior staff ratio far greater than typical professional services firms. For our clients, this translates to a project team with in-depth experience and understanding of their situation. For our employees, this means ever-present opportunities to learn and be recognized for their contribution to the engagement effort.

Project teams typically include three-to-five professionals led by a Partner or senior staff member. Each team is staffed with consultants who possess the skills and capabilities required to address the client’s issues or needs. Members of the consulting staff typically work on two or three projects simultaneously; each of which may last three to four months.

Career Development

For some, consulting is a lifelong endeavor while for others it is a stepping-stone to a variety of careers. MAC has historically been open to both types of career ambitions. We have a propensity to promote from within, rewarding hard work and exemplary performance with greater challenges and opportunities for rewards. Yet, we also bring in those with relevant industry experience and skills who can complement and build our capabilities. Whether we make a hiring decision for an entry level or experienced consultant, we commit to the success of that individual. Through structured and informal training, new employees are exposed to different problem-solving approaches as well as proprietary tools and techniques. They are expected to master the current state of the art, and encouraged to expand the firm’s analytic capacity and solution inventory. Career advancement occurs with growth in technical proficiency, engagement management responsibility, project team leadership, and client relationship development.

For Associates hired without advanced degrees, it is common to spend a few years working at MAC, and then go back to school. MAC alumni also move to the client side – taking on attractive positions based on the highly compressed experience they gain at MAC dealing with the most critical issues of an industry.

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MAC offers a comprehensive benefits package to all full-time employees:

  • Highly competitive salaries
  • Bonuses based on personal and company goal achievement
  • Comprehensive health coverage, dental and vision plans for employees and their dependents
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Multi-week paid vacation time off per calendar year
  • Additional paid time off per calendar year for public holidays, sick days and one personal floating holiday
  • Pension and 401(k) plans
  • 125 flexible-spending accounts for eligible medical and child-care expenses

Current Opportunities